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Roxy - 13 weeks old Roxy

We love our Roxy! From the first night we brought her home, she has slept in her crate all night with no accidents or crying, which leads me to believe she had a wonderful loving home to start with. She has filled our house with much joy and excitement. She has her crazy moments and is quite sassy. She does not like being told no or off and after being told 3 or 4 times, she does listen, but will then talk back. She does however sit very nicely, especially when a treat is involved and for the most part is very well behaved. She is quite helpful around the house with laundry, wiping things up and making the beds. We had to go on vacation shortly after we brought Roxy home and she stayed at 2 different homes and did great. She is well socialized with both people and other dogs, not so much with the cats yet, but it is fun to bark at a cat. She is great in the car and on a leash. She is a very beautiful, healthy, sweet, smart dog. We are so happy we found and went to check out the pups. The pups were being raised in the home, not outside in a pen, which was one of the reasons we chose them. We also received updated pictures weekly, which we looked forward to so much we couldn't wait until the next week came. I think we made a great decision!

Reed Family

Emma - 1yr 7 months old

We got Emma from you back in January of 2009. We live in Gun Barrell City and my daughter, Shelby, was begging for a golden. We just love Emma to death - can't imagine what we ever did before she came along. She loves loves loves to swim. Can't hardly keep her out of the water. We don't dare let her stay out in the back without someone there because I'm afraid she'll start swimming after ducks and be in the middle of the lake! She loves to chase tennis balls too. If you ignore her, she keeps finding them and before long, she'll have like 4 or 5 at your feet. Anyway, hope all is well. Have you had anymore recent liters? Just wanted to drop a note to let you know Emma has grown into a beautiful, gorgeous and loving dog. I hate to even call her a dog because she is like one of the family, ha. Please keep sending emails of recent liters. If I know of anyone looking for one, I will send them your way.

Phillips Family

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